The benefits of owning ‘your stuff’ and working on it.

Let’s look at the positives for those who choose to invest in themselves and work on their stuff. I call it ‘stuff’ as I see it as a summary of all the things that are holding us back – our blocks, our fears, our limiting habits and patterns and the things that keep us small.

It takes a brave person to stand up and say “I have this behaviour that is not serving me”. However know the minute this is done, we are opening ourselves up to change. The next step to take is to work on that behaviour and shift it out!

In doing so greatness is created as you move another step closer towards your potential. People who own their own stuff and work on it tend to:

  • Deal with life with a little more grace and ease.
  • Are often less argumentative as they are more open to seeing the opposite side of a situation.
  • Problem solve a lot quicker as they don’t tend to get caught up in the trivial stuff.
  • Find that relationships with others around them also improve as they have more of an understanding of the reasons behind people’s behaviours from working on their own!

As well as those improvements there are the benefits we often gain within ourselves such as:

  • Feeling happier and more positive.
  • Stress and worry reduces leading to a healthier you!
  • Our physical body feels lighter due to the energy we shift out when we release the past or change our perception on an issue.
  • Stronger mental health.

The work we do today creates a new page for our tomorrow. When we change, things change around us (and this includes people as well!).

I love working on ‘my stuff’ and also helping my clients to recognise the blocks that are holding them back. I then gently guide them to release what is not serving them which creates the space to bring in their potential. They always walk out the door feeling much lighter, happier and more calm than when they walked in!

Michelle Bean.