The other side of fear – pushing through self doubt.

Last year was a difficult one for me, life challenged me on many levels (often all at the same time) and I certainly came out the other side a different person.

At the end of the year I found myself playing with the idea again of doing a 4 day hike with my family. I’d thought about it many times before and each time managed to talk myself out of it. The list of excuses was pretty long. “I won’t be able to complete it, I don’t have time to train, my body won’t handle it, the rest of the family won’t want to do it” and so on and so on and so on.

This time however something was different. The self-doubt was there but the part of me wanting to give it a go felt stronger. My mind kept going back to last year and specifically the loss of a long-time friend at aged 49 and the realisation that her time was up and she won’t ever be able to do any of the things she had on her ‘to do’ list. I’d recently read Mel Robbins book The 5 Second Rule that teaches you to push through the self-doubt and just do it and this was giving me the courage also.

So while all the doubt was still there, this time I decided not to listen to it and set about planning the walk instead. I went online and started researching and as time went on my self-doubt slowly became replaced with excitement and wonder about the adventure and challenge that lay ahead of me. Before I knew it I had put it to my husband and kids and then called my parents and asked them to join us too! There was definitely no turning back now.

Fast forward 3 months and we managed the training, my body was doing ok and my feet issues were sorted after a visit to the podiatrist and the purchase of some orthotics. Not one thing that I had feared would go wrong, happened.

As we hit the track I was filled with happiness and excitement knowing that together we were going to help each other through the next 4 days and enjoy the stunning scenery that lay ahead. The adventure did not disappoint and we were constantly in awe of the beautiful sights that surrounded us. Some parts were challenging and we were all there for each other helping those that found it hard to get through.

The sense of pride and achievement when we had finished was a bonus as we talked about the experience we had shared together. I am so grateful that I chose to stop listening to the doubts and excuses and instead take the steps towards making this happen. We now all have wonderful memories and a sense of achievement to bring into our lives moving forward.

The biggest thing I learned from this experience is that fear and doubt will often be there but we don’t have to listen or buy into it. The fear is simply showing us how important this is to us. If you begin by taking small steps towards what you want to achieve this is a great way to get the ball rolling and replace the doubt and fear with excitement and action!