Living a Heart Centered Life – how to stay on track with our purpose.

Living from our Heart Space allows us to tap into the divine wisdom and guidance of our soul and stay on track with our purpose.  

Life seems to have taken a step towards a whole lot of doing and distraction and often when I step back from my busy days I can see a lot going on but very little direction!

Parents focus tends to be on the direction of their children. Those who are career minded are often focused on the company they work for. We could be someone who focuses a lot on doing and caring for others. Either way the thing we are focusing on is the thing that is creating the direction in our life and that direction is coming from someone else and not ourselves!

What’s missing here is our input into why we are here and what our purpose is. So how do we make sure we stay on track with this? The answer is simple – by being Heart Centered!

Living in our head, which is often full of to do lists, thoughts of yesterday and tomorrow and the high and unrealistic expectations we place on ourselves and others is what keeps us busy, distracted and off track.

Living and being guided through the heart space is what keeps us grounded, in the moment and in alignment with our purpose.

So how do we live a Heart Centered and divinely guided life?

Daily connection time – before you get out of bed spend 5-10 mins connecting with your heart space. Take calming, deep breaths and focus only on your breath. I always try to get to 5 whole complete breaths without losing focus (I often have to go back to 1 and start counting again as my mind has wandered!) Feel your chest rising as the breath expands your heart space, allowing it to open and receive all the gifts the day ahead has for you.

Now that you are present scan your body to find where your point of awareness currently is (this is the point where your focus is most of the time). It’s not something you will particularly see or feel you will just ‘know’ where it is. Often it’s in the head. Once you have a sense of this, imagine pushing that point of awareness down into your heart space.  Keep pushing until you feel you are sitting in your heart. When I get there I feel my heart open, my chest area feels softer and lighter and I feel joyous.

You are now sitting in your heart centre and it’s where you want to be throughout your day as this is where the magic happens. Here you are tapping into the divine wisdom and guidance of your soul.


To follow the direction of your heart do the following:
Ask your heart for guidance on your purpose. If you already know what it is then ask it to show you the highest priority action you need to take today to stay on track. If you are unsure about your purpose ask your heart to guide you towards it and make it clear for you to see. Often our purpose is already around us we just haven’t seen it yet. Ask this question everyday until it shows up and make sure you pay attention to the signs in front of you!

You can also receive guidance on any decisions you need to make. While sitting in your heart space simply focus on option one and see how it feels and looks. Then shift to option two and bring that into your mind (just observe it don’t think about it) One will feel better and lighter than the other and that is the right path for you. Sometimes the right option is the one that seems the harder one and that’s ok, simply trust and follow the guidance that your heart gives you.

Bringing your awareness into your heart can be done at any time during the day. If I find myself back up in my head, getting dizzy from all the thoughts in there I pause and take a few breaths and push my awareness back down into my heart. This allows me to continue on through my day seeing things from a heart perspective. In this space life is much calmer and we are less reactive no matter what is going on around us. Our day has clarity and we are easily guided towards the things that align us with the highest good of ourselves and others.

Be sure to continue to connect with your heart daily and you will be amazed at the clarity it gives you and the direction your life takes.