My journey to inner joy.

For years I believed that reaching the goals in front of me is what would bring me the peace and joy I was seeking. My ego would constantly tell me that I’ll feel better when we buy our own home and I’ll feel better when we pay off those bills, have that holiday, get that new car, have more clients or the latest iPhone.

Each one of those things did bring me happiness but it was often short lived as the not so good aspects of them all were soon realised. The home bought maintenance, rates and insurances, the bills just kept going – you pay one off the next one arrives, the new car meant pressure to keep it clean and stress to prevent it from being scratched, more clients meant less time to do other things and more tiredness and the iPhone would constantly take me away from doing other more productive things.

The truth is the happiness and joy doesn’t come from the things…. it comes from our acceptance of the positive and negative aspect of the things. It comes from knowing that each thing will give us the perfect experience of good and bad, easy and hard, gratitude and frustration. It comes from seeing that each day also provides us with that, knowing that we are always getting exactly what we need.

The key to inner joy is to be in acceptance of exactly what is – to enjoy the positives and work through the negatives that life presents us and do our best to avoid placing judgement on any of it. It is all ‘just events’ and they are all ‘just things’. They serve a purpose to assist us on our journey and we will still be the exact same person on the inside with or without them.

Find your inner joy firstly by becoming aware of your reaction to what your day presents you. Take each moment as something special that is happening especially for you. Secondly know and trust that each outcome is exactly what you need. Make your way through and at the end you will see – it was working in perfect harmony all along….