Finding my centre.

I have recently returned from Bali where I 100% most definitely found my centre. I have moved in and out of it a fair bit over the years but being over there without the responsibilities that I have back home really allowed me to invite it in to stay a little longer.

What is our centre? To me it is a state of calmness that radiates from the inside out. It is a knowing that all is well and that everything in life is happening as it should be – both the good and the bad. It is all serving me and there is no need to question or judge. Everything just is.

Returning home was interesting as I could clearly see the triggers and people that I have allowed to pull me off my centre on a daily basis. This caused a huge amount of discomfort in me as I wanted to stay in my peaceful sanctuary! However life at home is not like life in Bali and I had to quickly learn how to hold my space of peace amongst the daily chaos of everyday life.

As I write this it’s early Sunday morning, the rest of my family are still sleeping and my puppy is snoozing beside me. I can hear the birds outside singing their beautiful songs to each other and the soothing sounds of gentle rain. There is nothing to think about or worry about, all is well and I am in my centre.

Then a text message comes through on my phone, I can hear it in the kitchen and straight away my mind shifts back into doing. Here we have it – one of the things that pulls me off my centre. “Who could it be? Is there some one that needs me? Is there something I’ve forgotten to do?”

I take a breath and come back to me – sitting here on the couch with the stillness around me. My mind keeps wanting to pull my awareness back to the phone and I gently guide it back.

We are either in one of two states; we are in stillness and awareness or we are in thinking and doing. If you wish to find your centre then the aim is to spend less of your time in the latter (otherwise known as your head). I have discovered over time that nothing good really happens being stuck up in there except keeping me in discomfort and stress as I try to achieve the 100’s of goals I set myself on a daily basis.

Don’t get me wrong – you can have the goals, being centered means you achieve them in a more calm and balanced state.

So how do you find your centre?

Mainly through awareness. Awareness is being aware of your surroundings without thought or focus on the things that are around you. It’s being able to just sit and listen and sense and be a part of everything and everyone. It a feeling of lightness and peace, a knowing that all is well and that everything is happening for you just as it should be.

How do you get to this place?

By sitting still and going within. Bringing your awareness to your heart space (the centre of your chest) and focusing on your breath, bringing all your energy back to you and relaxing all the muscles in your body.

Once you have done this start to become aware of your surroundings, what sounds can you hear around you? (I always listen for the birds outside). You may find your mind likes to comment on what you are hearing and sensing, allow it to do that without becoming attached to the comments. Just let them float in and out of your head.

Eventually you may find that you begin to melt into your surroundings and become a part of it. You may gain a sense of oneness with it all and be able to just sit in it without any thought. Enjoy these moments of stillness as they happen. They maybe short initially but you will eventually find they will become longer over time.

Spend a few minutes a day doing this if you can. It can be done while you are doing other things also by being present with the task at hand. Putting all your focus on what you are doing right now with an awareness of the heart and breath.

This my friends is the path to finding your centre. The more you work on it the more calm and relaxed you will become and the more your life will flow – exactly in the direction you have chosen. Surely that’s worth a few minutes a day?