A Day of Clearing

The thing I have realised is that no matter how much work you do on relationships, money, career, success or finding inner peace, none of it changes until you do one particular thing.

You can read a ton of books or attend many workshops and learn what it takes to attract a loving relationship, create success and abundance in your life or find inner calm – but for it to become a reality something else has to happen…you need to be open to receiving it! 

If the Self Love and Worthiness isn’t there then nothing you are asking for is going to come in. You will instead, continue to attract negative experiences that reflect the unworthiness that you feel on the inside.

You may think you are open and worthy but if what you are asking for in your life is not showing up then you can guarantee there is some hidden un-conscious block or limiting self belief that is stoping it from manifesting.

Would you like to find a solution to this?

I just spent a weekend with a great bunch of people teaching them how to clear the energy behind limiting blocks and beliefs in their lives. The change in them by the end of those 2 days was quite astounding ~

“After the weekend I feel so expansive and light – everything is going to change and I feel so excited”  N.S

“I feel enlightened and seriously I definitely do feel different” S.L

“I feel much more connected to myself and you know what’s great, the Self Love thing. I’m back in myself. I’m asking things differently and responding differently and I feel like all my self love is radiating out. It’s a happier day and it’s not me giving myself away but choosing to give and ask for what I need and want”  M.D

After seeing so much change in those attending, I wanted to be able to offer the same experience to all my clients without them having to attend a workshop to learn the technique.

So I have created ‘A Day of Clearing’ working with me ‘one on one’ to create openness to self love and worthiness around ‘receiving’ all that you are asking for.

I can guarantee by the end of it you will be radiating self love and feel so much more connected to yourself. Your heart will be open to receiving all that you are asking for and more!

A day of Clearing ~
Work one on one with Michelle where we will move through the layers that are hiding your light, creating self doubt and unworthiness and move into the vast open space of self love and worthiness around receiving what you are seeking in your life.

Work with Michelle~
9:30am – 2:30pm
Mondays or Thursdays
Natural Pathways
Cost – $795.00

“This process is seriously a life changing experience” A.C

Imagine you are so close to what you are asking for and this is the one thing holding you back! Let’s work together through the layers that are blocking you from receiving and together find your hidden light.

Want to know more or register? Simply contact Michelle via email or on the mobile 0421-504947.

Don’t hesitate or let the unworthiness block you! If your intuition is calling and your heart is feeling open to this, contact me today and let’s lock in this life changing experience!