I decided in my early 30’s that I was tired of constantly pushing against life and feeling stressed about it so I set out on a journey of discovery for something better. I had a knowing that I could be more connected, more balanced and more in tune.

This took me on a path of 15 years of study in various self-development and spiritual subjects with many amazing teachers, whom I am grateful for today. Each new thing that came in created a change in me for the better and one of the things it opened up strongly was my intuition.

In 2006 I took those teachings and created my own practice and settled in helping my clients feel better on the inside and creating more positive habits and patterns on the outside. My intuition helped me pick the blocks that were holding them back and I used various modalities to shift them out creating space for the new to come in. My process was ever changing as I continued to learn new ways to do this. Alongside this I ran workshops, teaching a lot of the modalities I learnt, always passionate about sharing my knowledge with others.

Now in my early 50’s and still learning (because that never stops!) I am realising that alongside working on ourselves there is a state of being that we can lean into that can really help us to become connected to our passion and our purpose. When we create space by slowing down, we can really tap into all the potential and possibilities that are in front of us and this is what I share with my clients in my practice today.

I feel super blessed for the events that put me on this path and love that I can continue to learn and grow every day in my life, be it in my role as a Mum to my 2 beautiful teenage kids, Wife to my husband Bill, Daughter to my parents who continue to teach me every-day, Friend to the beautiful and supportive people I have around me, as a helper in the community, in my role as a Soul & Intuition Coach or just being me.

michelle bean intuitive soul coach

Cert in Wholistic Counselling
Full Sensory Perception Therapist
Advanced EFT/Tapping Practitioner
Reiki Master/Teacher
Past Life Regression Therapist
Australian Bush Flower Essences Therapist