About Michelle

Michelle is a 50 year old Mother of 2 who through personal experiences decided to make a career change to a field that she has always been passionate about.

Her journey has been full of learning complimentary and alternative therapies that she brings together in perfect harmony during her sessions with her clients. Michelle’s broad understanding of our bodies energetic system combined with her intuitive gifts and knowledge of what makes us ‘tick’ allows her to work on a deeper level with her clients creating positive and often permanent change.

As Michelle says “Our bodies energetic system tells a story of who we are and why we attract certain experiences into our lives. The ability to tap into this and create change is very empowering for those who want to try something that is different to what mainstream has to offer”

Michelle works on many levels with her clients from one hour personal appointments to full day deep work sessions.



Cert in Wholistic Counselling.

Full Sensory Perception Therapist.

Advanced EFT/Tapping Practitioner.

Reiki Master/Teacher.

Past Life Regression Therapist.

Australian Bush Flower Essences Therapist.