Michelle’s specialises in helping people shine and her accurate and empowering sessions are highly sought after by her clients.

Her ability to connect to you and quickly get to the core of your issue is what makes her stand out from other practitioners. Using techniques that work on deeper levels than conventional therapies often ensures your issue is removed permanently. Space is then created for the change that you are looking for in your life.

Michelle’s understanding of the bodies “energetic” system and the story it tells, alongside her strong intuitive abilities, allows her to read habits and patterns that are not serving us. Simple and gentle techniques are then used to shift these patterns and replace them with new and positive ways of being.

Her many success stories keep her practice busy doing the work she loves – helping others!

Work with Michelle.


In person at Doncaster:

Clinic hours:  Tuesdays 9am-3pm

Appointments 1 hour $175

Online or Phone Sessions:

Wednesdays daytime or evening by appointment.

Thursday mornings.

Phone, Skype, Zoom or Facetime.

Appointments 1hr $175

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Session Packs ~

Personalised ‘one on one’ sessions designed to create direction and change in your life:

4 session ‘direction changer’ pack

8 session ‘life changer’ pack.

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Remote Clearings:

As needed. Simply text or email a photo and name of the person being cleared (please note you MUST have permission for me to work on someone other than yourself).

Fee $120

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Deep Work – VIP Day with Michelle:

Spend a day working one on one with Michelle to create deep and lasting change in your life!

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