Session Packs

Personalised ‘one on one’ session packs designed

to create direction and change in your life~


I moved from banking to soul coaching when I finally discovered my life purpose and I have never looked back! Now I am here to help you to release all doubt, connect to your heart space and create direction in your life.

4 session ‘direction changer’ pack.

Experience 4 back to back, intense sessions with Michelle where we work on creating direction in your life. Techniques will be used throughout your appointment to clear the confusion and connect you to your heart centre to create the direction that is lacking in any areas of your life.

Online sessions are one hour over a 4 week period.

Cost $595

8 session ‘life changer’ pack.

Are you seriously ready to release the past and become a new you? The blessings and change that come from these sessions continue to humble me as I watch my clients move away from the limiting beliefs holding them back into someone with clarity around who they are and where they are headed.

Online sessions are one hour over an 8 week period.

Cost $995

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