VIP deep work days

Spend an intimate day one on one with Michelle to create a deeper understanding of who you are and a greater awareness of your souls journey.

In a peaceful and nurturing environment we work together to release the energetic blocks that are preventing you from shinning brightly. Profound clearing is obtained as you experience deep shifts on an emotional, mental and spiritual level.

Working at a soul level you will release from your current and past lives:

  • Emotional trauma
  • Limiting belief systems
  • Old family patterns
  • Karmic patterning
  • Inner child wounds
  • Soul Contracts with others

The end result will create:

  • A deeper understanding of who you are
  • A greater awareness of your souls journey
  • Emotional balance
  • Inner peace and calm
  • Improved relationships


My VIP day with Michelle was a great opportunity to see what was stopping me from finding true happiness. I discovered it within, now my heavy heart has lifted and everything around me has changed. I feel much more peaceful and way less anxious. I am also speaking up more! Thank you for your insight and gentle guidance that has helped me move forward with a much happier heart.   P.D Melbourne.


What ever your blocks to happiness, success, true love, health or abundance are, they can be found when working on this level with Michelle. The day involves 3 power sessions of cleansing and clearing the energy blocks in your body. We will go into Past Lives and down Family Timelines to get to the source of why you feel you are unable to reach the goals that are important to you.

In between the sessions you are treated to tasty vegetarian food and snacks in the garden at Natural Pathways. Sitting under the tree is a great opportunity to reflect on what has come up during the day and to use Michelle’s insight to answer any questions you may have about your soul journey.


My whole day session with Michelle was mind blowing. I had no idea of all the things I had been holding onto and each one made sense as to the impact it was having on me. We were able to take the current issues in my life and trace them back (often many lifetimes) to the core of where it all began. Since doing this work I am feeling so much lighter, more confident and ready to easily achieve my goals. I am so grateful to Michelle’s wisdom and ability to create a space that is safe and nurturing to do this work. I am looking forward to booking my next day soon!     M.A – Melbourne.
For those who are committed to personal growth and are ready for change on a deep level the investment is $2,000.

If you feel ready or have questions then why not contact me to discuss this further. I look forward to speaking with you.

Michelle – 0421 504947

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